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What’s Available


Burnt Wood

The burnt frames are custom cut from locally purchased pine. Once the boards are cut a pocket jig is used along with glue for strength. The frames then have flame applied to the wood prior to applying the sealing agent. The choice of glass or non-glare plexi glass is then placed into he frame. The frame is finished with either a hardboard or foam backing and hanging hardware.


Weathered Wood

The unique weather wood comes from an old Civilian Conservation Corps cabin. Approximately 20 years ago a tree fell across the cabin and as a result the structure had to come down. This blessing in disguise gave the wood needed for the frames. Not only do customers get a beautiful piece of artwork but they also get a piece of Idaho history. The weathered wood frames come with the choice of glass or plexi glass as well as hardboard or foam backings. The weather frames are not clear coated.


Optional frames

In working with raw wood we are able to offer options for finish the frames. The different options are stain, paint, or unfinished. All stains and paints are finished with a coat of clearcoat semi-glass unless otherwise stated. You also get the choice of glass or non-glare plexi glass. Lastly, You always have the choice of unfinished.

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